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Wolfenstein - General Zetta Boss - PS3 Gameplay By Maxim - Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS3/XB360/PC)

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Bethesda has announced Wolfenstein: The New Order, a first-person shooter due out on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and unspecified next-generation consoles at some point during Q4 2013.

On the subject of release platforms, Bethesda marketing chief Pete Hines took to Twitter to say: "We (intentionally) aren't being specific on what platforms 'next-gen' covers. Stay tuned." Could he mean a Wii U version is planned, or that the next-gen version is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 or next Xbox?

According to Gamespot, it's set in 1960 in a what if? scenario that sees the Nazis win World War 2. You play American war hero B.J. Blazkowicz and fight back.

As rumoured, Wolfenstein is being made by MachineGames, the ZeniMax-owned studio founded by former members of The Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick maker Starbreeze.

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